Whether you are at home, under a Beautiful Structure, in a hall, hotel or other venue, your wedding is your day. The correct audio visual equipment at a wedding can lift the ambience making the day amazing and unforgettable.

From beautiful lighting to crystal clear sound for the “I do’s”, followed by distortion free dance music of any genre will keep your guests talking about your wedding for many years to come. We have projectors and screens to show your powerpoint presentations and movies, we also offer the service of collating the material for you and designing the presentation making for a professional and memorable keepsake that can be uploaded to your favourite social media app.

Did you know that even a low distortion in sound will become uncomfortable for your ears and will have you leaving early? Think about how often you hear distorted or ‘tinny’ sound, and how long you actually stayed subjecting yourself to this.

Sensible production at a sensible price is the AVHQ guarantee. Contact us to receive assistance and discuss the opportunity to have AVHQ on your team.